Predict and optimise the daily workload of your mobile workforce

Automated route planning optimises time on the road and predicts bottlenecks

Because there is no integration between a route planning software and a team management software, a mobile workforce often moves chaotically on the road.


With Daanuu, the jobs of your mobile workforce are optimised by calculating their routes taking care both of traffic conditions and peculiarities of your business.

Predict the workload based on traffic conditions today or days into the future.

Don’t make clients wait at home or at their office, offer flexibility without losing money

As a company offering delivery or services on site, it’s often difficult to offer small timeslots or to re-allocate an appointment that has been cancelled last minute.


Daanuu is like a booking engine that enables any company to propose more predictable timeslots to their clients.

Daanuu increases your customer satisfaction by offering the flexibility to move their appointments last minute and re-allocate your mobile workforce during the same day.

Extendable solution with a mobile app

Cloud solutio

Daanuu cloud solution is where the company meets the mobile worker. This solution allows the monitoring and the management of one or more teams.

Mobile app

The mobile app is simplified in order to help the mobile worker from ordering complex routes and jobs.


Create new jobs easily during
 the day or automate the feeds
 via our API.


Jobs management

You can input manually a job or simply connect your IT to Daanuu via our API.

Automated route planning

The jobs are optimised for the mobile workforce with route planning. It also takes care of your constraints.


Communicate with your clients and with your workforce in real time. Send notifications via emails or our chat app.

Digital Proof of deliveries

The digitalisation of proof of deliveries or of job completion is important to avoid paperwork and enable traceability.

Benefits of using Daanuu

Solve these

  • Cope with peak time

  • Integrate your systems

  • Lower your costs

  • Have a single system
 for every jobs

Dramatically enhance your customer experience

  • Meet your customers expectations

  • Enhance customer onboarding

  • Provide the customer with the
 innovation they are looking for

  • Provide your customers with a
 better service

Start today

Daanuu is usable in light commercial vehicles but also in innovative vehicles. Vans, Commercial cars, Electric vehicle, Electric trikes, Cargo bikes.

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